Faux FinishesA professional faux finish can transform a room by giving the walls character and rich definition.  You can add depth and dimension to walls or ceilings.  The possibilities are endless.  Get excited, there's a whole world beyond those boring white walls!
Some of my favorite creations are The Tahitian Black Pearl, Slate Marble, Aged Leather, Tuscan Bronze, Aged Italian Copper, Roman Patina, Fresco Wash, Fresco Marble, Rusted Spanish Gold, and the Ethereal Cloud Wash. (Sample Boards will be online soon)
Pricing starts at $250-.  The cost can range from $250 to $2,500- depending on the finish and square footage.  Generally Accent Walls and Powder Rooms run approximately $250- to $350-.  Larger Master Bedrooms and Foyers will run from $1,000- to $2,500-. 
How it works:
• Conceptualize what you envision on your walls. Gather pictures and ideas.
• Set an appointment to discuss the finish and get an estimate.
• 25% deposit due when scheduling the project start date.
• Watch as your walls are transformed!

New Decorative Faux Finishes!
Embossed Leaf Sandstone pictures coming soon!

Just created the brand new FRENCH COUNTRY FRESCO faux finish. 
Pictured below you will notice some before and after shots. The client chose their homes' yellow base color prior to moving in.  Once it was applied to all of the main walls, the color was too bright and not the sophisticated yellow they had envisioned.  So they wanted to use a subtle color wash to make the walls more warm and inviting.  We chose two colors that blended perfectly and created just the right amount of texture.  In person, the finish comes across as aged yet luxurious.  I have a new client that chose the French Country Fresco for her Kitchen walls, pictures to follow...so fun!
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